Bitsgreet team heartily welcome our customers

The terms and conditions direct your use of Bitsgreet services. Placing an order, you are consenting to be with our terms and conditions. All the products subjected to the website depends on their availability (due to seasonal issues).

·         For every order placed, confirmation details are sent via text-message (or by e-mail).

·         Our customers are requested to fill out proper details (like complete address, postcode, phone no. and e-mail) to avoid delivery problems.

·         Orders can get cancelled, one day before . Same day order cancellation is not considered.

·         The order is considered delivered, if the recipient is not found at home/ office. Then, the product will be delivered at the neighbouring residence. The order will be returned back to the centre, if the number is found  incorrect or not responding at the time of delivery.

·         The refund is given at the time of genuine service failure, on being approved by the management.


BitsGreet reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Your participation as a customer in this service indicates us the acceptance of this agreement.

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